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Camera One Productions

David Murdock

Camera One Productions was founded in 2001 to follow  in the tradition of those who made documentaries which inspired, educated, and moved me as I was becoming aware of the world in high school and college.  A lot things have changed in the business since then and I’m grateful that the people I learned from were sticklers for the truth, passionate about injustice, and fiercely talented story-tellers.   Through my more than 20 years experience at PBS, National Geographicand Discovery I’ve held on to those values even as the documentary landscape has shifted beyond recognition. Our commitment to the truth is more important than ever — as the opportunities for telling stories change, diversify, and come with fewer safeguards.

Over the years, we’ve taken on a wide range of topics,  including investigative reports on mentally ill prison inmates for Frontline; a profile of African relief efforts for Bill Moyers’ Now; the race to develop renewable energy resources for the Discovery Channel; the ravages of methamphetamine addiction for National Geographic Explorer; and for Oprah Winfrey’s Belief series, a profile of a Christian pastor and Muslim imam working for peace in Nigeria .  My work has been nominated three times for national Emmy Awards and was awarded one for The Mysterious Human Heart.

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